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Feb 12, 2014
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How to setup customer display screen/VFD?

I have tried following the instructions here:


but reach the stage of "Add new Print Job to Terminal" and cannot find the right buttons, it would seem that they have been moved/renamed/removed?

Are these instructions even still valid for output to VFD?

I've tried using AnyShop integrated VFDs and using a pole-type S230 VFD

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Feb 13, 2014
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Are you using V2 or V3 SambaPOS ?

Erm, looks like it's V4.1.12, but I'll work on trying it in V3 now.

By the way, may I ask what is going on with the different versions? I've been exploring this software for a week or so now and it seems that V2 is an old stable version, but discouraged and out of date while V3 and V4 are both being actively developed, on sambapos.org and sambapos.com respectively, while V3 seems to have more documentation and support, V4 seems to have a cleaner graphical interface but perhaps runs slower? I don't know, could you perhaps clarify the situation there for me please?

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Feb 13, 2014
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Trying V3.0.35, it's all the same settings and issues, going through the above linked tutorial, we have the following kinds of issues:
"   - Auto Print After = Manual" not an option in the print job page, I've ignored

"Settings>Actions" doesn't exist, it's Automation>Actions
"Actions Action Type: Execute Print Job" gives a lot more options than just PrintJobName, do I leave those blank? I've assumed so

"Settings>Rules" doesn't exist, is now Automation>Rules

"Rules: Event Name = TicketClosed" not an option, assumed 'Ticket Closing'

But the main issue is the "Add new Print job to terminal" section, as I cannot find a 'Print Jobs' section in Settings>Terminals>{Terminal Name}, so I've completely ignored this final step, I can't seem to locate the equivalent menu anywhere in Management.


I mean, I really like this software, and think it's incredibly flexible and almost surely capable of doing everything I want it to, but the documentation needs work. I actually kind of want to help, to be honest, but I'll need to poke around at this a whole bunch more first

V2 reached the end of its life, and a decision was made to build V3 from the ground up based on V2, but with less restrictions while keeping most of the V2 workflows. With V2, a lot was learnt, and major progress was made in a very short period of time. But eventually limitations became evident as we pushed SambaPOS ahead due to the requirements of new features.

Like V2, V3 is open source, which means you can modify the code for your own personal use.

V4 is closed source due to the addition of 3rd party coding that is closed source.

Both V3 & V4 are very stable and running in many production sites. For new setups I would strongly recommend V3 or V4. Both versions have the same features, but in saying that, V4 is the primary version now and V3 is updated accordingly.

The instructions you are following are for V2, which has been updated for V3 (V4) and can be found by searching this site and sambapos.com.

Add print job to terminal has been removed and replaced with Mappings in Rules.

And yes, the documentation is lacking, mostly due to the rapid development of the software, and the fact that SambaPOS is so flexible that most documentation is in the form of tutorials and actual business scenarios.

So, have a good look around here and at sambapos.com

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Feb 14, 2014
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Thanks for the explanation of the differences between the versions! I think I'll be sticking to V3 then, although I would like to ask what 3rd party coding was added in V4 which makes it closed source?


Thanks for clearing up that Add print job to terminal has been replaced with Mappings in Rules! I've got the VFD working for welcome and logoff screens, but not got it working for items and totals yet (if I put the suggested settings in, SambaPOS will crash when I open a ticket, I am unsure what I broke exactly, I think something with the 'Update change due & Tendered' and 'Reset change due & tendered' rules. I'm unsure on how to set the actions.)


Also, I was wondering if there's a guide to the tags at the start of lines? I know <XCT 12> sends a hexadecimal '12' value to the VFD, clearing the screen, and I can obviously see that <C> is centre, <L> is left, <R> is right, but what does <J00> mean? I've also seen <J10> and <L10> on this page: http://sambapos.org/wiki/doku.php/en/creating_printer_templates but I'm unsure what all those mean? Is there some simple dictionary for these?

Also, it says about header and footer templates, which were a feature in V2, but removed in V3? I think I need to use the square bracketed tags? but I'm not sure what values to put in there, again, is there some simple dictionary of terms? (like the handy dictionary for the various variables I can put in which is on the right hand side of the printer template page)

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