SambaPOS Project Support Campaign

By emreeren on Jul 26, 2013 and it has 5 comments and 14912 views

Hello. It is time to bring SambaPOS project to the next level and we need your help.

We are forming a dedicated development & support team behind SambaPOS project. To be able to support this team financially we're planning to start a fundraising campaign in August.

If this campaign succeeds we'll release killer V3 features faster and develop awesome companion products that will work fully integrated with SambaPOS. These products will help you a lot on implementing new business ideas and reach top rank in competition.

SambaPOS will be open source and free forever as our flagship project but we can't release everything for free because development resources we need to use are not free and we need to pay salaries. For this reason some of these add-ons will be paid products. We'll offer commercial licenses for local applications and subscription plans for online services.

Of course SambaPOS supporters should have privileges. Contributors of this campaign will have opportunity to obtain lifetime and non expiring licenses for these products. We'll announce all details with the campaign announcement.

For more than two years we developed hundreds of good solutions for most hard to solve restaurant business cases. With your help we can turn it to a big success for both your business and SambaPOS project. If you are interested please register in our website to receive a notification when the campaign starts. Don't miss that :)

You can contact us for your questions. 


5 Responses to Post SambaPOS Project Support Campaign

lernoutmaltas's picture
lernoutmaltas says:
Jul 27, 2013

Sure will be a great success! I'm anxious waiting for addons and be one of the first to join. SambaPOS and the best project ever made, in my opinion the Emreeren should be erected a monument

BonVivant's picture
BonVivant says:
Jul 27, 2013

wow, congratulations, i cant wait for the news1

Kampuchea's picture
Kampuchea says:
Aug 06, 2013

We would certainly be interested in supporting the new SambaPOS.  Hopefully, you will have a better solution for hotels with bar and restaurants.  We need to be able to close the work periods with open tickets, or an easier way to link up open tickets to accounts.

emreeren's picture
emreeren says:
Aug 06, 2013

Kampuche if there is a product with price timer in a ticket (you can think it as accommodation price) you can end work period without closing these tickets but this is not the best solution. Open tickets needs to be reviewed, closed with account transaction and re-open at night shift. We'll implement batch processing tools for this workflow in future releases.

oiqbal's picture
oiqbal says:
Aug 07, 2013

Looking forward to the add-ons. Keep up the good work..

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