Clearing Transactional Data

By emreeren on Jun 18, 2013 and it has 1 comment and 21597 views

Hello. Dtran.sql is the sql script file when we need to clear Transactional Data. For V3 I've created dtran.sql based on aRTx's script and published it as a gist file.

Warning: This SQL script clears all transactional data and this operation is unreversable.

As V3 table structure changes we'll update this script. If you get errors while using this script be sure you are using latest version and if it does not solve your problem please report it.



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mayase says:
Jun 23, 2013

works fine for me:
i used
but had to edit the dtran.sql file: deleting all "GO" commands and adding ; at the end of each command line

Thank you all guys for this script :) 


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